An up-for-a-challenge, go-getter who is obsessed with all things music and design. If I’m not designing something super cool, odds are I’m at a concert or cathartically singing along to one of my playlists wishing I was at one. If you see me sitting still, just know my hands and my brain are not.

My best ideas come from the ones that initially seem impossible and figuring out how to make them a reality.

Let’s chat over a cup of coffee or an Aperol spritz :)
The entire discography from the artists I want to start listening to more, and some of my favs — a heavy influence on my playlists atm. If you're getting into indie/rock you might know a few songs by these artists, but here is where you can really get into them.
Songs with good vibes from summer '22 :)
My ultimate designing playlist that I am currently and constantly curating.
It's okay to have sad girl hours...or want to scream cathartic lyrics for no reason at all.
*review from a friend*
"Grace is undoubtedly the most selfless human I know. The aura she carries around with her uplifts and inspires every person she encounters. Her designs are no different. They are intentionally designed with the human experience in mind to evoke emotions that bring people together (mostly through music...but that’s what she does best). Not only will you love the designer and person she is but her amazing playlists will definitely come in handy for any situation."
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